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Estate Agents Have a Monopoly on Junk Mail

The papers are full of hand-wringing editorials about the overheated property market in London and the South East. Who should we blame for this rocketing house price inflation – vote-chasing politicians or the invading hordes of cash-rich overseas investors, who… Continue Reading →

Bad education: why spelling still matters

Last week I picked up a book and got all the way to page two before I found these words, “. . . where today a continuous, broad pedestrian path has superceded the old quays”. I was so disgusted that… Continue Reading →

Pinterest: Pinboard Wizards

I’m hooked on Pinterest, the photo-sharing website for people who don’t take pictures. Pinterest is for magpies who enjoy browsing the internet and assembling virtual “boards” themed around anything from adorable pets to coronary-inducing pâtisseries. While Twitter’s mission appears to… Continue Reading →

Distinctly Miffed

This weekend writer and comedian David Mitchell took issue with warring minorities of every persuasion, arguing that we spend way too much time listening to people who just want to pick arguments. He characterised those who spend their time bickering… Continue Reading →

Bin there, done that, got the t-shirt

Mary Bale has been transformed from that nondescript middle-aged bin lady into a “viral villain”, with more enemies than Osama bin Laden. Somewhere in west London last week a cat had a very lucky escape. During one of those rare… Continue Reading →

iEnvy: trivia, tantrums and tantalum

My seven-year-old nephew got an iPad for his birthday. As you can imagine, he’s pretty excited about it. After a lightning-fast recap of his holiday photos, it was straight into a Shaun the Sheep video, and then on to the… Continue Reading →

All England expectorates

It was all going so well. Wimbledon 2010 (that’s twenty-ten in BBC speak) had been bathed in sunshine and blessed with an air of gentility that only a visit from HM the Queen can bestow. Then, on Day 5, grumpy… Continue Reading →

Hell on Wheels

Raleigh bicycle poster 1932 Originally uploaded by carltonreid “Whoever invented the bicycle deserves the thanks of humanity.” Perhaps if Lord Charles Beresford (1846-1919) had been forced to navigate the overcrowded pavements of 21st-century London instead of patrolling the high seas… Continue Reading →

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