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John Terry and the C-Word

“John Terry’s career has been defined by courage, commitment and . . . controversy.” That was the verdict of an earnest BBC reporter with airtime to fill but not much in the way of new information about the latest drama… Continue Reading →


It was another good weekend for ruthless Russian autocrats. On Sunday, just hours before Vladimir Putin shed crocodile tears outside the Kremlin, Roman Abramovich was giving Chelsea manager André Villas-Boas his marching orders. Putin did emerge the winner of Russia’s… Continue Reading →

Blue Sunday: Abramovich Wields the Axe

As every schoolboy knows, the decline of the Roman Empire was a protracted affair. In the empire of Russian oligarch and football enthusiast Roman Abramovich, things tend to move at a speedier pace. New managers blow through Stamford Bridge with… Continue Reading →

It’s a Shame about Ray

Was it a case of “Et tu, Carlo”, as the Chelsea management stuck the knife into their assistant coach? I thought Alex Epstein’s dismissal from The Apprentice would be the only boardroom exit that captured my attention last week. I… Continue Reading →

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