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Philip Seymour Hoffman: an A-Z

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has died, aged just 46, and all some people seem concerned about is the future of The Hunger Games franchise. This is both crass and cruelly ironic, given that Hoffman’s filmography was notable more for quality… Continue Reading →

Kirk Douglas: an A-Z

Thanks to @wayneley on Twitter for reminding me that 9 December was the 97th birthday of a true Hollywood great, Kirk Douglas. I must admit that I had put off writing about the star of Spartacus, thinking that an obituary… Continue Reading →

Sons of Anarchy: an A-Z

Ardent admirers of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy whipped themselves into a frenzy last week over the casting of British actor Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey* in Sam Taylor-Johnson’s forthcoming movie. They vented their displeasure by starting an online… Continue Reading →

Action Man: an A–Z

Middle age can be tough on the hairline and murder on the waistline, but how good would you be looking after 30 or 40 years mouldering away in an attic? That was the ignominious fate that befell Action Man, the… Continue Reading →

Chris Haughton: an A to Z

We all have a favourite children’s book we remember from those early years. In my case it was a toss-up between Peter Rabbit and Miffy, with Dick Bruna’s disarmingly simple creation winning by a (twitching) nose. But if I’d seen… Continue Reading →

My A-Z of Humphrey Bogart

A year ago I reviewed The Big Sleep, one of my favourite Bogart films, when it was re-released by the BFI. More recently I wrote about how my teenage fascination with the Bogart/Bacall romance was my entry into the world… Continue Reading →

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