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Driven to Distraction

To paraphrase the great W.C. Fields, “Never work with children, animals . . . or Stuart Baggs.” Is it just me, or has this latest series of The Apprentice been lacking a little je ne sais quoi? I’m not referring… Continue Reading →

Total Wipeout

It is an immutable law of The Apprentice that one team will immediately come up with a crap idea, while their rivals will dither around for hours before returning to their original (equally crap) idea. Last year the Pants Man… Continue Reading →

Famous Last Words

This week on The Apprentice: sequins for Stella, sparkly frocks for Liz and a dressing down for Alex. Ever wondered what happens to all those failed and fired Apprentice candidates? Yes, I know that Kate Walsh has taken her unfeasibly… Continue Reading →

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