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The Star of the Show

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was renowned for her ability to thrive on very little sleep. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the indefatigable Stella English, the Apprentice’s answer to the Iron Lady, stays up into the wee small… Continue Reading →

Famous Last Words

This week on The Apprentice: sequins for Stella, sparkly frocks for Liz and a dressing down for Alex. Ever wondered what happens to all those failed and fired Apprentice candidates? Yes, I know that Kate Walsh has taken her unfeasibly… Continue Reading →

Karma Comedian

This week on The Apprentice: Stella falls off her pedestal; Stuart forgets his manners; and Melissa loses the plot. “We are in tough economic times . . .” droned Lord Sugar as Week Four began. Hum, apparently it’s not that… Continue Reading →

Roll reversal

This week on The Apprentice: 13 candidates, 16 bread rolls and one hell of a mess. “This is turning flour into serious dough.” Someone really needs to get Lord Sugar a new script writer. Britain is awash with out-of-work journalists… Continue Reading →

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