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Your Number’s Up

BBC Sport is so lacking in any sense of proportion these days that it’s forgotten that quality and not quantity is what really matters. Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) may be good for the environment, but there’s nothing wrong with some… Continue Reading →

Shriek Forever After: Wimbledon's latest racket

These are testing times for English sports fans. As “Ingerlund” laboured to another sterile draw in South Africa, it was already game over on the lawns of SW19. For the first time in Wimbledon’s 133-year history, no Englishman has made… Continue Reading →

A rage to whinge

Wimbledon is more than three weeks away, but already I can feel an attack of Murrayitis coming on. For non-sufferers, I can reveal that this is a chronic condition and one that can only be cured by a studious avoidance… Continue Reading →

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