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Frozen Assets

This week on The Apprentice: blarney in the market, a coup in the kitchen and bluster in the boardroom. Pay attention, because Week Ten of The Apprentice was a bit difficult to understand. According to Lord Sugar it was all… Continue Reading →

French Rejection

This week on The Apprentice: Susan is immature, Melody is intractable and Leon is impressed. In last year’s series of The Apprentice Stella English showed us that “taking one for the team” can involve donning a bikini and turning a… Continue Reading →

The Phoney War

This time on The Apprentice: global apps, viral marketing and funny local accents. “I’m very perplexed” confessed Nick Hewer during last night’s second episode of BBC1’s The Apprentice. After the juicy squabbles of the opening task, we moved on to… Continue Reading →

In the Soup

This week on The Apprentice: some juicy one-liners, a couple of pip-squeaks and a very thick skin. Less than half an hour into the latest series of BBC1’s The Apprentice, I had a severe case of déjà vu. Watching clueless… Continue Reading →

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