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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

The final episode of The Hour will air on BBC2 later tonight. Plenty has been written about the show over the past month, but I think we can all agree that this was not the British answer to Mad Men…. Continue Reading →


Poetry can seriously damage your health. That’s the main thing I’ve learned from recent biopics in which Johnny Depp’s pox-ridden John Wilmot (The Libertine), Ben Whishaw’s consumptive Keats (Bright Star) and Gwyneth Paltrow’s depressive Sylvia Plath (Sylvia) have cornered the… Continue Reading →

Tom Ford’s A Single Man

The Oscar voters failed to reward it, but for me A Single Man, remains the best-looking film of 2009 and a triumph for first-time director Tom Ford. Impeccable styling is the very least you’d expect from the former Gucci supremo,… Continue Reading →

Better by Design: a Decade of Great Movie title sequences

Opening credits: are they witty, colourful, innovative, or just the cinematic equivalent of wallpaper? A barrage of production company logos is all very well, but there’s something about a clever combination of words, images – animated or photographic – and… Continue Reading →

All dressed up: why clothes mean business in the movies

While casting caution — and lingerie — to the winds can be titillating, it’s really much more revealing to watch characters suiting up, putting on the slap and preparing for love, death or deception. For some moviegoers a revealing moment… Continue Reading →

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