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Famous Last Words

This week on The Apprentice: sequins for Stella, sparkly frocks for Liz and a dressing down for Alex. Ever wondered what happens to all those failed and fired Apprentice candidates? Yes, I know that Kate Walsh has taken her unfeasibly… Continue Reading →

Karma Comedian

This week on The Apprentice: Stella falls off her pedestal; Stuart forgets his manners; and Melissa loses the plot. “We are in tough economic times . . .” droned Lord Sugar as Week Four began. Hum, apparently it’s not that… Continue Reading →

Roll reversal

This week on The Apprentice: 13 candidates, 16 bread rolls and one hell of a mess. “This is turning flour into serious dough.” Someone really needs to get Lord Sugar a new script writer. Britain is awash with out-of-work journalists… Continue Reading →

Life's a beach

This week on The Apprentice: Stella takes one for the team; Karren takes offence; and Raleigh takes off. The Apprentice is nothing if not even-handed. Week One saw the boys squabbling over their rancid sausages like a pack of ravening… Continue Reading →

Bangers and cash

The latest series of The Apprentice kicked off with a sausage-themed task that was clearly designed to generate a barrage of double entendres. From Joanna’s (quite sensible) “We need to up the meat content” to the predictable “Have you seen… Continue Reading →

The Egos Have Landed

“I walk along the street of sorrow. The boulevard of broken dreams. ” sings Tony Bennett in the BBC’s frequently aired trailer for The Apprentice. Yes, the suits, the egos and “Suralan” are back to boost the ratings and distract… Continue Reading →

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